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Matagorda Offshore Fishing Report
with Capt. Ron Frasier

August 12, 2019

Ricky Wendel and crew joined me for what was suppose to be an AJ trip! We caught some great hardtails and proceeded to hit some of the famous AJ holes with no avail! We struggled all day until about 3:00 pm and the Cobia started hitting ! So it became a Cobia fishing trip! We caught three and were going for more when a t-storm ran us off the water! We had a tough day but turned out just fine with three nice Cobia! Thanks guys! Capt.Ron


August 2, 2019

Hook n Bull hookers take forth place in Matagorda Mermaid Tournament and the 2019 Snapper season is smoke! But no fear it’s Black fin and Amberjack season!

Here are a few pics from Mermaids Tournament and the final days of snapper season! It was a large time had by all! Thanks everyone for a great Tournament and snapper season! Capt. Ron



"Snapper season is still cooking! Lets getter done!"

Ryan Fells and crew joined Hook n Bull for a snapper day in the gulf! We had a couple of young gentlemen in the crew that was their first time in the gulf! I always enjoy having youngster on the boat! I get to show them some amazing critters and scenery! They saw flying fish, remoras or tennis shoe fish , sharks, barracudas and we had bottle nose dolphin around boat a number of times! I showed them the tiny shrimp that lives in the sargassum weed and explained the way the food chain goes from there! Turns out they were really good anglers also! It’s amazing to see the excitement in there eyes when they see these things in the wild! We caught some really nice fish and enjoyed another beautiful day in the blue water! Thanks for the awesome day on the gulf! Capt. Ron

" Pogey getters and solid fisherman! "

The grandsons and I went pogey hunting for offshore bait and chum! The day was highly productive and fun! We first chased down a few pogeys and accidentally caught this spotted eagle ray! When that eagle ray realized he was trapped in a cast net, he took off and nearly jerked me off the front deck of the boat! Then I had to get it out of the net and boat! That was interesting!! After our pogey hunt we hit the Waterfront for burgers! Man were they good! The boys wanted to go try and catch some trout and reds in the bay so we grabbed a few live shrimp and went at it! As you can see they had big fun! Big smile and big fish! They were tasty too!!!!! Thanks guys for a great day on bay! Paw Paw!


"A Pile of Big Fish"

A four charter day literally caught a pile of fish! Capt. Black Hook Andrew, No Mercy Dwayne, Keith and myself, were joined by Collins and his crew again in a slightly bumpy gulf yesterday! Alls one can say is “ That’s a pile of Fish”! Thanks guy for another great day of the Gulf! Capt. Ron





July 2, 2019

Joel and crew joined Hook n Bull and I for a Day snapper fishing in the Gulf! We first tried for ling and king mackerel but that bite was slow, so from the day before, I knew as the day went that bite would get better! We moved on to the snapper hole and in short order had a very nice limit! We then went to trolling looking for other species! We saw bait crashing wildly and trolled through them at seven miles per hour, fish on!!!! Thinking it was king mackerel, the fight commenced! Turned out! Three big snappers! We did find some kings a little later but a T storm ran us off the gulf! Great day on the gulf! Thanks guys! Capt. Ron
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June 3, 2019

I took the grandkids out for the first weekend as a reward of doing great in the school year plus it was Wades birthday present! We had the weather working with us and the fish were hitting ever thing. We limited out on snapper in a matter of minutes and caught a number of big snapper on trolling lures running seven miles and Hour! That was unusual! Wade caught a barracuda and was a little timid about handling it, but he had a lot fun fighting! King mackerel were hard to come by, but the good news for the offshore fisherman the sargassum weed is back! We did see some small dolphin! It was two gorgeous days on the gulf, and everyone caught great snapper! Great job kids, I had a great weekend! Snapper season is on come on down and lets getter done! Give me a call at 979-559-9444! Thanks, Capt. Ron

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