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Matagorda Offshore Fishing Report
with Capt. Ron Frasier

Hook n Bull monday!

We had intended on having a larger crew this day, but due to unforeseen difficulties, we had a small crew and loads of fun! Lawrence and I proceeded on just like it was a guide trip! It was really just a fun day, but I wouldn't have missed it for anything! Our first stop, we limited out on king mackerels in a hurry! There was more rods going off than there was personal to man them. It was a rodeo! That happened several times. We then headed out to sea to find dolphin and ling! We caught fish about everywhere we tried. Threw back a number of king mackerels! Had four ling up and hooked up with one, it got hung up and cut off on the bird of a shrimp boat! The other three ling came swimming out and the bottle nosed dolphin would ran them off!! Aggravating!! We intended to check out the eclipse and got so busy catching fish that the eclipse got total over looked! Oh, well! Then I observed a single frigate bird circling! We put the smokers out and proceeded to catch dolphin! We had a large time! Thanks everyone for a great day in the Gulf! Capt. Ron


Hook n Bull kind of weekend!

Scott and crew has been fishing with me for many years, but we never have had good seas! It has always been rough and rougher! We did put together some great stringers though! This time we actually had two foot seas! Our intent was to go to the tuna fleet that had been hanging out at the weather buoy and catch black fin tunas, and we did, but the fleet had disappeared. So we resorted to fishing the wrecks, rocks, shrimp boats that were available and rigs. The bite was slow! We did manage to catch a fish or two every where we went so it wasn't fruitless! At the end of the day we had accumulated a decent stringer! We enjoyed the nice seas and great camaraderie, so all was well! Thanks guys for a great day on the gulf! Capt. Ron



Tuna Time!

Chris and crew joined me for a run to the tuna fleet! The low in the gulf had Things slowed down but we still did good! Great job guys! Capt.Ron


Tuna Fleet - Aug 2017

Tuna fleet! It was a slow day, and a fun run!
We all enjoyed it! Great day! Capt. Ron

Fisherman in training!

Allen said he would like to take his son and a friend offshore fishing! I said sounds good to me! He says my son is 4 years! I said ok, we can adapt to him! We were fortunate the sky's were cloudy, which kept the day cool! The seas weren't big! And we had a plan! The young gentleman was a bit quiet to start with, I am not sure if he is a slow starter in the morning, or he was a little timid around the Captain! But it wasn't long until he got over that! We made a short run to the fishing grounds and started fishing! We boated a couple of fish pretty quick and he decided he needed to move to the back cooler so he could be in the action! That was his decision! From that point on, he was fighting fish and continually talking or yelling! He had a large time! As did we all! Andy was the young lady angler, and did great fighting fish up until it was time to hold the fish for the picture! That was funny now, I don't care who you are! Thanks to Allan and crew for a great day on the gulf!

I forgot got to add, we had him back in by noon for his nap! Capt. Ron


End of snapper runs!

July 24 -- Brad Stephens Birthday was coming up and the grandson said he would like to go fishing! So Brad took care of both at once! He decided to join Hook n Bull in the gulf for a birthday and a fishing trip for grandson, nephews and family! The weather was great and the kids fought some great fish! Great job kids! Thanks Capt. Ron

Charter for hire snapper season over
It was king mackerel kind of day!

Jason, Ken and Hunter booked me for a day in the gulf a couple weeks ago! I informed them that the snapper season would be over! They said "That's fine, let's catch what we can!" So we started with king mackerels, and basically caught our limit, throwing some small ones back to leave a slot for a big one! The seas were wonderful, we fished as far out as Fifty miles and back and caught kings and one Spanish mackerel! We had a great time, caught a bunch of fish! We did not catch any ling or dolphin! These guys and I have been fishing together for 25 years, and they know as I do. "Sometimes it chicken and some time it's feathers!" Here is to another 25! Thanks guys for a great time in the gulf! Capt. Ron


Monday and Tuesday!

Brad and Chris out of Waco employed me for two days in the gulf! Our targets were king, ling, dorado, and whatever would oblige them with a bite! Lawrence joined us for Tuesday! We caught king mackerels up to 31 lbs! And quickly caught our limits of snappers both days! We saw ling on weedlines and at one point found a wooden dingy swamped that had a ling and a half dozen of small triple tails but no dorado? The ling we did see swam by ling like we weren't there! We had two beautiful days on the gulf! Great seas, good fishing and awesome friends! Thanks guys for another great day on the gulf! Capt Ron

Mermaid weekend Matagorda 2017 !

We had a great weekend catching kings, lings, A.J's, red snappers and sailfish! The Mahi Mahi were totally illusive! The mermaids hung tough and road over two hundred miles in Hook n Bull looking for weed mats! We could find weeds with lots of bait but no Mahi Mahi! It was an awesome day as far fishing goes! Shari got a sailfish up to the boat! The grandsons wanted to go offshore fishing again! We caught lost of kings and snapper! They did great! That was their second trip into the gulf! By the end of the day they had acquired their sea legs and were fighting fish on their own! I think their hooked! Just before we came in Wade ask " Do we have to go home!" Not bad for 6 and 9 year old young gentleman! Thanks to everyone for a wonderful weekend in the gulf! Capt. Ron

June 26, 2017 Report

The snapper season has been a lot of fun! We are catching fish at every stop, with a lot of variety! With some really big fish! The amberjacks have been big, unfortunately we have had to put them back! We are getting our limits of snapper easily, along with king mackerel, big gray snappers, amberjacks, jack cravalle, ling, barracuda, black tip sharks and sand sharks! Lots of action! We are half way through the snapper season, so if you want to get in on it, call and book a day!
See you on the water! Capt. Ron




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